"I can't say enough terrific things about Kam or her Pilates instruction! I regularly take both group classes and one-to-one's; in a busy life, they help to maintain balance in both body and mind" Lisa Peets

I first started practising Pilates 15 years ago. Having suffered throughout my twenties with chronic neck pain (the result of a whiplash injury that went untreated), I had reached a point where I needed to regain control of my body. Having had to constantly rely on someone else to 'fix' me for nearly ten years, I was determined to find an exercise regime that not only helped me in the short term but that would give me lasting results. Pilates helped me to do that!


I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential physically. Whether you come to Pilates for remedial or fitness reasons, I believe that if you are willing to commit to it you will get long term results, no matter what age you are. 


I studied and qualified with the Pilates Foundation UK in London and continue to attend workshops and seminars to find new ways to enhance my practice and subsequently my client's practice. 

As a mother of two amazing young boys, I have found that doing Pilates has given me the mental and physical strength to keep up with them! They too have started their Pilates journey which helps them develop correct movement and postural habits that will be with them for life!


MAY 2020 Zoom class timetable

MONDAY 10-11am

TUESDAY 10-11am, 5-5.45pm

THURSDAY 10-11am, 5-5.45pm

FRIDAY 10-11am


1-1 classes from £50/hour


Private Group classes from £60/hour



Email: kamdastur@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile: 07712 085539


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