"The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy"

Joseph Pilates


KDPILATES GROUP MATWORK COURSES £20/class, 4/5 pax/class

This timetable has been replaced by the Zoom class timetable 

Booking a course with KDPILATES is unique as it enables you to sign up for a term knowing that if you miss a class, you have many opportunities to make it up at no extra cost.

(PLEASE NOTE: the classes run during term time and can not be carried over to the next term. The full course must be paid for to qualify for this price, otherwise the drop in price of £25/hour is payable provided spaces are available).

1 - 1 from £50/hour or from £60/hour for home visits

Individually tailored to the client's specific needs, focusing on ensuring that they are constantly challenged and able to achieve their Pilates potential. Specialising in remedial issues, Seniors (over 55's), sportsmen/women, increasing fitness levels, teenagers.

PRIVATE GROUP from £60/hour

Classes can be tailored for individual groups and can be targeted at any level. These can take place in your home/work/social environment, with a maximum of 12 people per class (mats not provided).

"I believe that the one-to-one Pilates sessions I have been having with Kam over the years have contributed hugely to my being active, flexible and being regularly mistaken for someone 20 years younger! Apart from the fact that I think she is a brilliant teacher - always taking into consideration any problems that I might be experiencing - I really enjoy my one hour twice-a-week sessions. I can't recommend her highly enough"  

Sheila Fitzjones


NOV 2020 Zoom class timetable

MONDAY 7.15-8.00pm

TUESDAY 10-11am

THURSDAY 10-11am

FRIDAY 10-11am


1-1 classes from £50/hour


Private Group classes from £60/hour



Email: kamdastur@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile: 07712 085539


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